Hi, I'm Jacob!

I work with committed entrepreneurs who want to create a positive impact on other people’s lives and on the world…who want to change lives and make money doing it. 

What does that actually mean? Well, I  help coaches and consultants go from $0-5k/month to a consistent $10-15k/month with the Organic Client Attraction System™.

But if you want to know what really matters, it's that I’m committed to creating joy, love, and kindness to help conscious entrepreneurs change lives and make the world a better place.

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About Me

I've been an entrepreneur all my life––from selling mulch from the front porch of my parents' house (the price was "free") to working with high-profile clients. As long has I can remember, I've been pursuing some sort of business idea. 

I've also always been impact-driven––focused on building a world where everyone can be the best version of themselves, where we can share our gifts with the world, and where we can create massive impacts on each others' lives and the world. 

Put those two things together and you get me––someone who helps conscious entrepreneurs build a business that pushes them to become the best versions of themselves....and change the world.

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Rob Roell, Executive Coach

"I can't say enough about Jacob's ability to guide you through improving your process. I have run across a number of coaches who told me to do this, or do that, and very few of them spent the time to hold my hand through the entire process. Jacob's supremely patient and encouraging throughout everything. He kept reminding me what matters most in this process. In the beginning, he quickly identified what I was already doing well and what I needed the most help with. He then created a custom program to get me to my goal and growing my book of business.

If you want to improve your lead generation process and increase your ability to bring on new clients, reach out to Jacob. I recommend Jacob without reservation. He is the real deal."

Anita Hollins, Health, Wellness, and Soul Alignment Coach

"Jacob is a delight to work with and a wealth of knowledge! Through his coaching, I gained clarity on navigating social media platforms to build business strategies that make sense for my newly formed coaching business. Thank you, Jacob!"

Jess Hess, Leadership Coach for Women

"I've worked with many coaches over the years, but none quite as impactful as Jacob in just a few sessions. I particularly enjoy that Jacob sees the need for a framework and structure (and provides this beautifully), but also knows when to customize our approach to better fit my needs or situation. It's rare to find a coach who can effortlessly adapt to each individual instead of adhering to one system or approach for every client."

Stephanie & Jennifer PageWise, Relationship Coaches

"Jacob has been a  fantastic coach. His personalized attention and coaching has been invaluable to use as people and to our business! I've had two other coaches who were good...but Jacob is great!!!"

Pam Ray, Workforce & Education Consultant

"Jacob is an exceptional professional, coach and leader who cares about the well-being and success of every client! I highly recommend him! His ability to integrate personal and professional growth and to meet me exactly where I was reflects his intuitive, technical, and creative spirit! Jacob also creates a team atmosphere among his clients where there is exponential growth, feedback, validation, and friendships! My business development has grown leaps and bounds in our work together and I look forward to much more success!"

Cornelia Helga Schulze, Life Coach

"After just one call with Jacob, I got even stronger clarity about what my business is and where it needs to be headed. Working with Jacob gave me new courage to believe that I can attract the perfect clients and that it doesn't have to be complicated at all."

Katherine Dreyer, Co-Founder of ChiRunning

"We’ve been working with Jacob for over a year. His technical skills, marketing instincts and his professionalism have been an amazing asset to our company. We're so glad we found him!"

Gareth Higgins, Author + Speaker

Jacob has gotten our work to a vastly bigger audience than before, has recruited many folks to opt in to receive the benefit of what we bring, and has reshaped the way I personally work. He's not just a great marketer, but an all-round brilliant support to the health and growth of the business.”

Lisa Pozzoni, Running Coach

“I have been actively working with Jacob for the last few months. He was the answer to my prayers! Jacob knows his stuff and is a great problem solver. I love that he gives me different options and ways to look at things that I might have not considered. This won't be the last business I do with him!”

Brian McLaren, Bestselling Author

“Jacob Ratliff has been an absolute delight to work with. Not often do you find excellent customer service, attention to detail, fair pricing, and generosity with insight and intelligence, but you'll find it here. Jacob has helped us get off the ground and get flying. Couldn't be more grateful!”

Lynn Hurley, Hurley Construction Solutions

“Jacob is very talented and professional. He has great insights, suggestions and is up to speed on the best tools to help build your company and take it where you want it to go. Jacob is an excellent choice!”

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Mark Turnipseed, LGBTQ+ Fitness Coach

"It’s as if you have a huge puzzle and all these different little pieces that when they’re put together they make a beautiful picture, but you may not know what that picture looks like. Somehow Jacob knows what this picture looks like and was able to show it to me. And it helped me realize oh my goodness, this is what I have to deliver, this is what I have to give to the world."

Haley Tunstall, Graphic Designer

"Not only did Jacob possess the technical expertise to revolutionize my business' marketing strategies, but he also set me up with the practical knowledge I needed to keep it going. If you're on the fence about making the jump, I can guarantee it's 100% worth it!”

Marley Howard, RevLocal

“Jacob and his team have a curated approach to marketing. These guys will help you take your business to the next level!”

Jerry Hancock, Men in Balance

“Vastly improved image and web presence. Jacob helped me add 2,000 new email subscribers in one month.

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