Lessons Learned From High-Powered Corporate Business Consultant Jerry Hancock

client attractor show Apr 29, 2022

Today's episode features special guest Jerry Hancock, a corporate business consultant, entrepreneur, and co-founder of AlexanderHancock Associates, a consulting firm that has worked with some of the nation's most powerful corporations including T. Rowe Price, Bank of America, Fidelity Investments, and Duke Energy.

On top of that, Jerry is my grandfather—and has been one of the most influential figures and mentors in my life in business.

In addition to his business consulting, Jerry has had an illustrious career—from radio and television broadcasting to advertising to founding a nonprofit (just to name a few). In this episode, we talk about some of the biggest lessons Jerry has learned throughout his entrepreneurial journey, including the importance of building trust, getting your name out there, and identifying problems that you can solve.

Mentioned in This Episode:

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