My Epic Entrepreneur Fail

Jan 02, 2023

To this day, I still remember one of my biggest failures as an entrepreneur...mostly because several months after that came one of my biggest successes.

Back in the beginning of 2019, a big part of my lead gen and audience growth strategy involved contacting podcasters in my niche and pitch being featured on their show.

Soooo each week I faithfully reached out to five different podcasters…and kept doing it for a couple of months before I got my first serious bite.

It was a big one.

It was NYT Bestselling Author Chris Guillebeau’s podcast “Side Hustle School,” which got 50,000 downloads per episode…

And he enthusiastically agreed to feature me in an episode.

It was one of the most exciting moments in my biz thus far…and I was convinced that THIS was the big break I needed to put me on an entirely different playing field in my business.

This was IT.

The day the episode aired, I braced myself for a MASSIVE influx of traffic.

And finally I saw it—the tiniest bump in traffic to my website…97 new web visitors, to be precise.

26 of them opted into my email list.

I had put in two months of work for 26 new email subscribers.

Don’t get me wrong, converting 27% of my web traffic to email subscribers was exceptionally good.

But still…only 26 email opt-ins after two months of hustling. 

I knew I needed to change my approach.

A couple months later, I launched a super simple ad campaign using the exact strategies I teach inside the Audience Growth Accelerator

Within the first 7 days, I had 112 new email subscribers…all from two hours of work and $105 in ad spend. 

The best part? Ten of those 112 new subscribers converted to clients.

That’s when I REALLY learned that scaling your audience doesn’t have to be a slow and painful process…

There’s no entrepreneurial rulebook that says you have to put in dozens of hours of work just to connect with your ideal customers…

And that when you properly leverage your resources (time and money), attracting your next 1,000 email subscribers can happen in a matter of weeks…not months or even years.

If you’re ready to make connecting with your ideal customers the simplest and easiest part of your business, make sure to check out my brand new Audience Growth Accelerator, where you’ll get all the strategies and guidance you need to scale your audience reliably, consistently, and profitably.

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