"I have a Queery about...Living As Your Authentic Self" ft. Jacob Ratliff

Jul 25, 2021

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"How are queer people shamed from expressing ourselves authentically?" "How do we rediscover our authentic voice and self?" "Is there ever a time where code-switching is good?" "How can finding community help us pursue our dreams?"

On this episode, I interview business coach and entrepreneur Jacob Ratliff (he/him). Through his business, Jacob aims to "work with committed entrepreneurs who want to create a positive impact on other people’s lives and on the world…who want to change lives and make money doing it." He also markets himself as a coach who specifically works with aspiring LGBTQ+ and allied entrepreneurs. Through the episode, we discuss Jacob's journey from being bullied in middle school for his more "effeminate" qualities and to feeling ashamed of his queer identity to being the proud queer person he is now. He hopes to inspire others to live their truth's, follow their dreams, and learn how to monetize them as well. Jacob shares how it was inspired by his mom who returned to medical school after undergrad and then raising two kids to take charge of his own career and start his own business. He also shares how initially he wasn't attracting the clientele that aligned with his morals. However, once he started identifying as a queer and queer specializing coach, he began to see a shift in not only the clients he began attracting but also himself and his own journey.

We also discuss:

  • Code-switching: the positives and negatives about it
  • The journey Queer people go on to rediscover our voices.
  • The impact of colonialism on society, gender expression, the binary, sexuality
  • How one's sexuality went from being something they did to being a part of their identity and the problem White, Christian society had with that....and much more.

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