My Secret to Consistently Hitting My Revenue Goals

Dec 20, 2022

I started my business about five years ago, and when it comes to sales and revenue, there have always been ups and downs.

The second month after starting my business, I made $12k in one week.

The following two months, I made less than $2k/month.

And I always wrote it off as a non-issue, thinking, “Yeah, that’s just part of it, I guess.”

Now, at the much older and wiser age of still-not-quite 30 (lol)...I can say this with absolute 100% certainty:

No. No no no.

It’s not “just part of it.”

Sure, external world events impact where people are spending money (anyone who’s telling you they can recession-proof your business is full of šŸ’©).

But when I look at the dips in my income over the years…and when I look at the dips in revenue in OTHER people’s businesses, I always ask the same two questions:

  1. How many prospective customers or clients do you normally connect with on a monthly basis?
  2. How many did you connect with during this month when your revenue dropped?

It always comes down to that one metric: How many ideal customers you connect with.

It was after really internalizing this that I began to focus so much of my energy and work around audience growth—the very thing that gets biz owners in front of their ideal customers.

Because at the end of the day, the overall health and vitality of your business depends on your ability to get in front of and connect with the right people.

In developing the Audience Growth Accelerator over the past year, I knew I needed a super-effective way to highlight this critical relationship…the relationship between how many ideal customers you connect with and how much revenue you generate.

That led to the creation of the Lead Gen Calculator, a simple tool for calculating exactly how many ideal customers you need to connect with to reach your monthly revenue goals.

Just click here to give it a whirl…you might be surprised to see your results šŸ˜‰

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