The #1 Priority to Get Coaching Clients

Feb 18, 2022

You may think that your #1 priority is to make $10,000 each month, but that’s not a priority—that’s your goal. 

When we’re setting revenue goals for our business, it’s easy to say, “I want to make $10,000 next month.” It’s good to have that goal to work towards, but the problem with this type of goal is that it’s a lagging indicator—which means that by the time you know whether you’ve hit your goal or not, it’s too late to do anything about it. Because it’ll be the end of the month. 

In the context of your client attraction process, the primary indicators that dictate whether you reach your goal (the lagging indicator) are how many conversations you have with prospective clients (i.e., strategy sessions), and how many of those conversations turn into sales (i.e., your close rate). That means that to make $10,000 next month, you’re going to reverse engineer the numbers so that you know exactly how many strategy sessions you need to conduct and how many of those you need to close in order to reach your sales goal. 

Say your offer is $3,000, and you want to hit $10,000 next month. That means you need to make four sales at $3,000, which comes out to $12,000 ($2,000 over your goal, since $10,000 is not easily divisible by $3,000). 

Four sales at $3,000 means four new clients. That’s pretty basic math, but let’s take it a level deeper, so we can identify exactly how many strategy sessions you need to have next month to reach that target. 

Let’s say you close 20% of the strategy sessions you conduct—not a great close rate, but not awful, either. That means that for every five strategy sessions you conduct, one of those becomes a client. 

And if you need to make four sales at a 20% close rate, that means you need to conduct 20 strategy sessions over the course of next month. Given that there are roughly twenty workdays in a month, that evens out to one strategy session per day. 

So, if you intend to make $12,000 next month, need to get started now on booking those calls so that when it rolls around, you already have calls lined up. 

If you approach your client attraction game from that angle— focusing on the number of strategy sessions booked and the rate you close them—rather than fixating on the number of sales you need to make, that target goal of $10,000 becomes infinitely more achievable because you have a clear path to get there. You know exactly what you need to do to make that happen, which means that you’re not sitting around hoping to get more clients. You’re actively going out and getting them. 

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