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How to Attract Your Dream Clients on Demand


I OBSESSED over why so many coaches are using the exact same marketing tactics...but are getting NO RESULTS.

 After working with HUNDREDS of coaches, here’s what I discovered:

The SIMPLEST way to attract clients you LOVE
…Without complex funnels or ad campaigns

There’s a big difference between hoping the next big marketing tactic is going to bring in new clients…

And KNOWING exactly what you need to do to attract the perfect clients consistently.

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Here's What People Are Saying...

Heather Smith, Ethical Biz Coach

Client Attractor is the #1 book you need if you’re an online entrepreneur, whether you’re just starting out or wanting to get past a plateau. Jacob does a fantastic job of helping you understand how to create a rock-solid foundation for your marketing that will lead to easier sales.

His methods are innovative and make sense…something that can’t be said about a lot of the stuff from other so-called experts. If you want to have a successful biz, GET THIS BOOK NOW.

Danny & Katherine Dreyer, ChiRunning

Client Attractor is brilliant without tricks and gimmicks, honest while being very strategic, with both wisdom and integrity.

His new book will lead you on the path of genuine success. And he doesn't hold back. You'll learn concrete tactics that are simple, clear, and truly empowering. It will bring out the best in you and success will naturally follow.

Mary O’Connor, Business Coach

As a struggling coach trying to get started 25 years ago, I wish that I had someone like Jacob to provide the blueprint to guide me step-by-step through the process of finding clients.

In Client Attractor, Jacob has clearly captured the most fundamental and important aspects of what it takes to attract and land ideal clients. He takes the simplest and most elegant route to help coaches everywhere achieve the ultimate goal: an effortless stream of dream clients.

Jordan Loscalzo,
Gay Men's Confidence Coach

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK! This book is one that I will definitely keep on my desk as I move forward in my coaching business. Jacob’s writing style is engaging, entertaining, not at all dry like some other books I have read.

He cuts through the BS and fluff, leaving you only with what really matters which will get you real results. He beautifully walks you step by step in the process and shares his own past experiences with his stories.

What I enjoyed most from this book was how detailed and thoroughly Jacob dives into each topic...especially how to manage and navigate triage and sales calls. That has been something I have been struggling with, and I have been using his process since.

Client Attractor is exactly what I needed to fill in the missing gaps. 5 out of 5 stars from me!

When you get your FREE copy of Client Attractor, here are a few of the secrets you’ll discover…


How to get ABSOLUTE CLARITY on who your ideal client is and what they need. Understand the root of your ideal client’s deepest desires so you can help them change their life:

  • Speak directly to your ideal client like the voice in their head
  • Get in front of THOUSANDS of ideal clients at a time with zero ads
  • Fill your pipeline with HUNDREDS of warm connections each week

How to start conversations with prospects who are EXCITED to talk to you…who are PRIMED and READY TO BUY. How to show up consistently for them and give them what they need when they need it:

  • Get your ideal clients EXCITED when they see your name in their inbox
  • Book virtually UNLIMITED free consultations with eager buyers
  • Take the HIGHEST IMPACT ACTIONS and save hours each week

How to get your prospects BEGGING to know how they can work with you…giving them an opportunity to grow and transform with your guidance:

  • Build an irresistible offer that your ideal clients can’t pass up
  • Price yourself so you get paid for the value you create
  • Effortlessly get your prospects BEGGING to work with you
  • Overcome your fear of sales and enroll new clients easily and authentically
Joe Mann,
CEO of Insights & Outreach

If you're looking to build an a massive following that will transform the number of lives that you help and the people that you serve, you need to pick this book up. Client Attractor gives you the keys that you'll need to start and grow your coaching business in 2022.

And you'll be able to actually deliver real value to the people that you have been called to serve. The clarity, delivery, and tactics inside of this book are direct and straight to the point without any fluff and buff in it. I really cannot recommend it enough.

Stephanie & Jennifer PageWise, Relationship Coaches

Client Attractor has given us concrete tactics and systems that we have used to quadruple our business in six months. This process has helped us truly align with the natural flow and growth of our business.

Previous coaches pushed us to only market high-ticket products without the foundation to really get there, but this teaches you how to get there. We cannot give this book enough stars!

Rob Roell, Executive Coach, Equilibrium Coaching

Jacob’s process taught me the specifics of how to actually connect with my ideal clients. As a result, I have made significant progress towards the sustainable coaching business I’ve always dreamed of.

If you are a new coach struggling to build a practice, or a seasoned coach that has never built the critical mass to sustain your business, you need to buy this book and study it thoroughly.

Anita R. Hollins,
Soul Alignment Coach

Client Attractor is a must read for coaches who want to organically attract great clients using social media. Jacob’s approach to client attraction is not gimmicky and adds dimension to the often-nebulous social media marketing and sales strategies.

It’s a simple process that’s easy to digest and implement, and it’s helped me gain clarity about my ideal client and the confidence to authentically show up with purpose by adapting the process and scaling it according to my needs.

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Bonus #1: Invincible Offer Mini-Course ($99 Value)

One of the WORST experiences is when a prospect says, “Okay, how can I work with you?” and you freeze up. Your mouth goes a bit dry and you think “Oh man, this is it. Now’s the time.” And you stumble through your answer, trying to explain your offer to them.

I’ve been there. It’s not fun. There are two things that need to happen so the next words out of your prospect’s mouth are, “Cool, I have my credit card number whenever you’re ready."

  1. Your prospect needs to be CONFIDENT that your offer will help them achieve their desired transformation. And nothing reinforces that like being able to confidently explain your offer—the process you’ll take them through and how it will get them that transformation.
  2. Your offer can’t just be compelling—it has to be a no-brainer irresistible offer…something your prospect can’t possibly pass up.

This one-hour mini-course guides you through the process of creating that irresistible offer so you can speak confidently about the value you offer and get prospective clients to say, “Yes, please!”

  • Make your offer EVEN MORE VALUABLE with these 9 hacks
  • Create a 6-figure offer that gives your ideal clients EXACTLY what they need
  • Get 10x more specific on your ideal client's DEEPEST desires

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Bonus #2: Content Creation Masterclass ($99 Value)

Imagine a world where the idea of creating content doesn’t fill you with dread

…Where you can create content for social posts, videos, emails, and blog articles quickly and easily

…Where you don’t bang your head against your desk trying to brainstorm topics for this week’s social posts.

I have a one-way ticket to that world, and I’m giving it to you for FREE when you claim your copy of Client Attractor TODAY. I’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of brainstorming topic ideas and turning them into compelling pieces of content that get not only more engagement, but more clients, too.

  • Outline a year’s worth of content in ONE sitting
  • Write kickass social posts in 30 minutes or less
  • Create social posts that get prospects to TAKE ACTION
  • Prime your ideal clients to buy by the time they get on a call with you

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Get This for FREE When You Order Your Copy of Client Attractor Today!

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Second, Client Attractor has the potential to transform hundreds of thousands of people's lives, and I’m committed to getting this book into as many people’s hands as possible. That was my goal from the start, and what readers are saying cements that this is a revolutionary book.

Third, at the end of the day, I’m committed to creating joy, love, and kindness to help conscious entrepreneurs change lives and make the world a better place. Yeah, I’ll eventually share with you some of my programs and opportunities to work with me—all in the name of helping you create a positive impact on other people’s lives and on the world.


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Jacob Ratliff

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