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Hi, I'm Jacob

When I first started my business, nothing I did seemed to help grow my audience. I created lead magnet after lead magnet, but to no avail. I'd write and design a beautiful ebook or plan an incredibly valuable webinar...but no one would sign up for it.

As a result, I spent the past four years obsessing over how to scale my email list, and it came down to two key ingredients: I needed a high-value lead magnet that my ideal customers actually wanted, and a way to get that lead magnet in front of those ideal customers quickly and at scale.

Since then, I've taken everything I've learned about how to rapidly and consistently grow an email list, and used that information to develop the Audience Growth Accelerator, an 8-week program designed to help online business owners add 500-1,000+ new email subscribers/month to their list...consistentlyreliably, and profitably.

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