High Intensity Traffic
Program Overview

This 12-week coaching program guides you through the process of honing in on your offer, creating messaging that resonates with your ideal client, and leverages the most current organic marketing strategies to create a consistent leadflow and predictable revenue.

It provides a comprehensive approach to increasing awareness and visibility of your brand, creating meaningful engagement, and creating clients that stick around for a lifetime.

Our program is highly customized to the fit the client's specific needs. Below is a high-level overview of the program's key components.

Three Pillars for Massive Growth

6 Figure Offer &  Messaging

Create or fine-tune your offer and messaging that speaks directly to your ideal clients' deepest desires.

Organic Client Attraction System

Use organic social media to connect with your ideal clients and build relationships to create new clients.

Sustainable Growth & Optimization

Now that you’ve got a consistent flow of clients coming in, we'll optimize for consistent and sustainable growth.


How We Make it Happen

The Four Components of the High Intensity Traffic Program:

Total Value: $12,500

Of course––and you probably saw this coming––the High Intensity Traffic Program is only a fraction of the value you receive.

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 “Jacob’s technical skills and marketing tactics have been an amazing asset to our company. We're so glad we found him!”

- KD, Founder of a multimillion dollar fitness coaching company

“Not only does Jacob possess the technical expertise to revolutionize my business' marketing strategies, but he also set me up with the practical knowledge I needed to keep it going.”

- HT, Wellness coach making $15k/month

Leading Principles

The High Intensity Traffic Program is designed with three leading principles in mind:

The value of authenticity is important at every level of this program, which means that this program is exclusively for those who are 100% committed to authentic and genuine connection in their work and lives. In return, our commitment to you is that we will do the same––no inflated numbers, no false promises, and no vague tactics that leave you more confused than when you first started.

This program is designed to create a massive impact in your business, and its effectiveness depends on your dedication to creating a massive impact on your clients’ lives. In other words: If you value revenue more than helping people, then this isn’t the program for you.

At the end of the day, the number of comments on a Facebook post isn’t what pays the bills, which is why our top focus is on results, and to us, results mean the number of conversations you’re having with prospective clients, and the number of sales you make. In fact, that’s why our #1 goal getting started is to help you make a positive return on your investment.

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“Jacob designed a strategy that has gotten our work to a vastly bigger audience than before, has recruited many folks to opt in to receive the benefit of what we bring, and has reshaped the way I personally work. He's not just a great marketer, but an all-round brilliant support to the health and growth of the business.”

- GH, Bestselling author and coach

“I have been actively working with Jacob for the last few months. He was the answer to my prayers! I've been wanting to take my business, The Running University, to the next level by having a stronger online presence. I am so excited that in this short amount of time, I am already Beta Testing my new platform and getting great feedback already. Jacob knows his stuff and is a great problem solver. I love that he gives me different options and ways to look at things that I might have not considered. I am sure this won't be the last business I do with him!”

- LP, Fitness coach